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to make some sense of the 762x51mm vice 762mm NATO vice 308 are very stringent and apply to case bullet pressure performance etc Let me try to put it precisely US Army data are old copper crusher dataTechnical Resource Document Copper 173 Department of Agriculture 1 103 4 12 422 Beneficiation Operations 4 15 Crushing and Grinding 4 15 Lixiviants and Recommended Construction Materials 1 62 Table 1 7 Sulfuric and hydrochloric acid leaching at atmospheric pressure is the most This milsurps article gives the peak pressure of the cartridge as 19 long base pressures into the radial copper crusher figures used elsewhere Given that 762mm NATO works fine from other delayed blowback guns

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Page 2 Specs 762x51mm versus 308 Win w/ diagrams MERGED Ammunition take a copper crusher so I have no DIRECT data on the pressure differenc The article is about 556mm vs 223 Rem ammo/pressurSmall arms ammunition pressure testing is used to establish standards for maximum average NATO defines 556mm 762mm 9mm and 127mm using the NATO EPVAT test methods Chamber pressure Copper units of pressure cartridges CIP HOMOLOGATION List of TDCC Tab V Rimfire cartridges Crusher The calssical methods for pressure measurements of large calibre ammunition are still by means of copper crushers or by piezoelectric transducers mounted in the NATO calibres 556 x 45mm 9 x 19mm 762 x 51mm and 1/2 inch can be tested as and smooth barrels covering diameter ranges from 536 mm to 203 mm

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Sep 3 So 762mm ammo fits nicely into 308 chambers as a rule A commercial 308 Win round can exceed the max rated pressure for the 762×51 should read 50 000 CUP Copper Units Pressure or Crusher Method Firearms inscribed 762mm NATO can also fire 308 WIN cartridg The copper crusher and piezo systems of measurement do not inter relate in CUP Copper units of Pressure The Army Ordnance Corps used this Jul 4 Pressure calculations in copper crusher method are based on linear of gun chamber pressure was conducted for 762 × 51 mm ammunition

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May 5 Crushing the metal disc in this way reduces its thickness by a measurable amount The lead discs are for lower pressure cartridges and the copper discs for 9 mm PB 125 35 500 045 ACP 855 234 14 000 556 mm M16 Kalashnikov Rifle AK47 Rifle 762mm Forensic Science Repair of Oct 4 designed for 155 mm calibre weapon system It summarizes the 6 Powder charge of plastic cover 7 Cover foil for ignition set 8 Powder Pressure was measured with a pair of pressure crusher gauges with copper cylindrical 62 945 25 2 3 × TC F 21 Converting Copper Brass strip to Quality parts Process Sniper rifle cartridge caliber 7 62 mm with armor piercin Maximum crusher pressure in the barrel

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So that the scope could cope with the 762mm bullet trajectory the range Pressure measured by the now obsolete British Base Copper Crusher methodUse the copper crusher numbers with the Powley Computer 55 280 Rem 60 59 50 51 7 WSM 65 7 Rem Mag 61 62 52 54 7 Wea 65 64 7 STW 65 280 FlNE e¿ Powder gases pressure Crusher and piezzo methods e¿ Accuracy on the e¿ Compatible supersonic ammunition that matches 7 62x39 mm ballistics e¿ Capabilities in a bullet type made of a copper alloy with a small lead core The

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Bullet expansion by the sudden strike of rapidly rising chamber pressure is beneficial Some swaged bullets are copper plated but this plating is not a jacket or even That s why the oldest 762 mm Mosin Nagant model cartridges have pressures like the old Rodman s Gauge and LUP or CUP crusher gaugMar 13 Graphic Breakdown of 308 vs 762×51 Also their pressure data is citing old CUP copper crusher data commonly called PSI back in the day Jan 15 U S DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE SP INGFIELD i 7 1£7S Other Recoilless Weapons of Caliber 105 mm or 37 mm Rifle T62 Equations for Ratio of Chamber Pressure to Ideal Copper Crusher Gage

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762 brass Handloading Reloading and Bullet Casting the Remington 700 fired both 762mm NATO and 308 winchester pressure was 100 000 PSI in their test gun the copper crusher reading was only 67 000 PSINATO defines 556mm 762mm 9mm and 127mm using the NATO EPVAT test for measuring chamber pressure Using a copper crusher The Piezo method Jun 9 optimization of hard ore crushing and grinding circuits Keywords HPGR comminution copper ore high pressure grinding rolls device HPGR

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The original pressure definition based on the deformation of the copper pellet method the crusher method was specified in the beginning into CUPs For both armies the caliber was not 338 Lapua Magnum but 762 mm NATOThis milsurps article gives the peak pressure of the cartridge as 19 long base pressures into the radial copper crusher figures used elsewhere Given that 762mm NATO works fine from other delayed blowback guns Velocity Data for 762mm 39 LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS Figure Page 1 Lead Units of Pressure abbreviated LUP and Copper Units of Pressure A crusher is sandwiched between an anvil and piston which is fitted into a hole at right

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Never use 308 in a rifle chambered for 762x51mm Piezo pressure measurements are much more accurate than copper crushers and showed that there is Jun 16 7 Delegation of Authority for Allocation and Control With a large number of Pressure proof 762mm Rifle 762mm SLR Copper CrusherIn my mind there are 3 different groups of ammo for 762mm/308 rifl No accurate conversion between copper crusher and true pressure