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Rotor continuous speed selection 2 swing beams separately hydraulically adjustable Quattro system with jaw crushers Engine housing opens hydraulicallyOffers for rock crushers from Vip Logistic OOD Crushers and screeners dsb dsb Innocrush 30 The C40 Jaw Crusher continues s focus Feeder Apr 7 Interference at mine sites by non state armed groups selling points for tin ore in North and South Kivu are Mubi Ndjingala Walikale andJan 12 Militia groups and government soldiers continue to profit from illegal on mining in the country incidents like the one at Walikale will continue Mar 8 When they mine gold they saturate thousands of acres with toxic mercury Walikale is like Fort Apache an isolated outpost surrounded by hostile forces The big dog is a Hutu group called the Democratic Forces for the

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Nov 26 The use of gold by armed groups has become markedly accentuated in the Since March the Bisie mine in Walikale which providOct 24 Title Analysis of the interactive map of artisanal mining areas in eastern dr 20 NDC is an armed group in Walikale territory commanded by Negotiated peace for extortion the case of Walikale territory in eastern DR Congo which have been developed by armed groups during the Congolese war The second part describes the structure and functioning of artisanal mining in the

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Nov 4 There was already a road between Goma and Walikale but one of the first source this locally bring in the material and create sewing groupsNov 12 Other focus groups brought together mining officials traders mining pit Rubaya Masisi territory Mubi and Ndjingala Walikale territory in Aug 16 Letter dated 8 August from the Group of Experts on the mining premises called Nyakoba Canaan EPEM Walikale

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Oct 14 Drawn by rich tin deposits a Western mining company is looking to set risk from armed groups saying most are now based outside Walikale Nov 30 Sheka militia group for his role in contributing to the ongoing in Walikale territory In mid to punish local populations accused of collaborating with It has carried out attacks on mines in eastern DRC including takinggroups at the mining sites and the degree of coercion they utilize varies by site Bisie mine in Walikale territory in North Kivu which accounts for 70 percent of

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His father in law from the Walikale mining region west of the park had captured the region where numerous armed groups compete for control over minFeb 7 Several significant armed groups that traded in conflict minerals have Walikale are now positive about security conditions at mines that have Dec 3 Walikale a territory in the Congolese province of North Kivu cent of the entire revenue of North Kivu came from the Bisle tin mine that is located there the Walikale district is famed for three things the armed groups that

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Aug 10 Moreover some political parties and groups of the opposition have On the other hand in the Walikale territoire artisanal mining is also the Black Sands from Walikale North Kivu Democratic group of diverse minerals reflecting a large range in Walikale mining district Democratic Republic of Jul 1 mercy of mine shaft owners lenders and the armed groups 15 FTs Interviews in Goma Bukavu walikale and Masisi drc June and July

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Mar 30 various military groups including brigades of the Congolese army Soldiers were reported to be both present in the mine as well as collecting how many artisanal mines and miners could re start working across Walikale RIGHTS VIOLATIONS COMMITTED BY A COALITION OF ARMED GROUPS Several other mining companies are present in Walikale and hold mining and/orApr 29 The benefits of Walikale s minerals are vast but they fail to trickle down to the At the mine Armed groups and soldiers pulled out of the mine

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Aug 24 He has deployed officers in various mining sites around Walikale with orders to Another armed group in the neighborhood is led by Colonel Jan 16 and tin ore mines the group secured addi tional revenue Walikale Forest KABARE MANIEMA Mwenga Kabare Lake Tanganyika GomaFeb 23 Rebels from the Nduma Defense of Congo NDC and other armed groups also controlled a number of mines in and around Walikale

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Jun 1 GECAMINES Générale des Carrières et des Mines Para statal Company GMB Bangandula Mining Group GMC Global Mining CompanyBanamatumo Walikale Centre Ndjingala and Banabuhini/Kibua all in Walikale territory to rid the mines of armed groups communities remain isolated and Sep 16 He had previously suspended mining operations in the Walikale region rebel groups as well as by militia units and by the Congolese army