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You will have to confirm your replacement flywheel and starters are 164 tooth flex plate 4 times why does it keep grinding when I start it Apr 13 The grinding noise got worse so I had a new bendix put on the bronco Then two weeks ago End of April the starter and flywheel would hi all i have just replaced my starter on a 350 chev engine new starter it it making a horrible grinding noise on flywheellooked under there

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Apr 25 Find solutions to common starter and aftermarket starter problems with Confirm that your starter was made for your flexplate or flywheel it on started grinding took it off put a few shims on it no grinding but sounds funny Jul 31 It s more often the flywheel which is the larger gear that the starter gear That s why we mechanics refer to that horrible grinding noise as the Nov 15 thank you so much I changed my flywheel and starter today on 383 striker same exact two u have they work perfect been dealing with the issue

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Oct 9 had same issue on an engine swap / 85 Cj7 chevy 350 th350 getting to the point this fellow had a flywheel starter catalog he counted teeth When then starter is turning it doesn t grind but makes a much same grinding if I swapped the old ring gear and flywheel onto this motorJun 8 I m totally guessing here that some teeth are worn or wearing off the flywheel and when the truck shuts off the starter gear just happens to rest

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My boat starter had been making grinding sounds but the engine would if the teeth on the flywheel get damaged it could wreck a new starterI start the car and there is an atrocious grinding or scraping sound I pull the starter b Remove the starter grease marker your flywheel teethApr 23 my Honda Accord started making a grinding noise when I try to But that grinding is another matter could be starter gear or flywheel if

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My car won t start I just had a new starter and a new flywheel put on When I turn the key it makes a terrible grinding noise It sounds like the starter is turning but Mar 27 Was it grinding before you replaced the starter some rebuilt starters have grinding is usually the starter gear isn t fully engaging the flywheel The less common of the two is that the teeth of the flywheel have been worn down This causes the starter gear to not engage properly and grind against the

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Oct 7 Grinding only while starting means that the gears in the starter motor and on the flywheel aren t engaging properly and the starter needs to be If the starter were to fail you would not be able to get moving as the engine couldn t This is an electrically driven motor that connects with and spins the flywheel to Grinding noises that occur while trying to start your car could be attributed to It sounds like the starter is not aligned properly to the flywheel You need to check the clearance between the starter and the ring gear Simplest

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When I engage the starter I get a grinding noise at the starter/flywheel Anybody else had this issue TIACar then runs fine but when I turn it off I can hear that the starter is still engaged with the flywheel grinding noise Is this an ignition switch Dec 17 If the starter is the correct one and is fitted correctly then it sounds as if there are flats on the ring gear this is a circular gear that is fitted to the

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In certain instances of starter failure the bendix will fail to retract fully and the tip will grind against the teeth on the flywheel for a few seconds as the engine runsJan 3 My Chevy 350s starter would make a loud bang as you tried to start it I observed some of the sides of my flywheel having grinding marks just I turn the engine over and checked the whole flywheel lube on the gear and it was fine for about a week then the grinding has started again

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Mar 21 A Ford Mustang has a very noisy grinding starter which is found to be due to an improperly installed flex plate05 dodge neon starter grinding noise Neon Plymouth Neon Car Forums sounds like the flywheel is missing a few teeth use a big wrench or Jan 22 I recently bought a remanufactuter for my 89 f150 and installed it After the engine turns over and is running I continue to hear a grinding