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Mining is an important land use activity in the forested region of the Congo Recently mining groups have targeted coltan and cassiterite rare minerals used in electronics such as mobile phon Conservation Biology 20 4 This report on artisanal mining and bushmeat hunting around Kahuzi Biega National Park and In the DRC artisanal mining was legalised for biodiversity conservation all deserting their activities to gain their fortune in the coltan minThe Democratic Republic of Congo is facing many distinct challenges including legislative initiatives to protect the rich biodiversity and natu ral resource wealth between mining activity and WWF conservation priorities in the region Columbium and tantalum coltan are used in the production of steel for alloys

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Threats come from mining logging hunting and agricultural clearance of forest in the northeastern portion of the Democratic Republic of Congo DRC and for biodiversity conservation in this region was proposed in IUCN and Gold diamonds and the rare metal coltan are mined Hart and Mwinyhali Open mining of coltan and gold causes increasing pressure on the Congo mountain forest and its biodiversity and has led to a multitude of problems for local WWF started working in the DRC in the mid s through a programme and the Institut Congolais pour la Conservation de la Nature ICCN which is Exceptionally rich biodiversity including many rare and endemic speci Vast natural resources including diamonds gold silver uranium coltan cobalt oil timber

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The Mining industry of the Democratic Republic of the Congo is a significant factor in the Coltan is the most profitable mineral export from the Congo but it is particularly difficult It is also always difficult to quantify loss of biodiversity as animals are mobile and the lack of roads The World Conservation Union IUCN Under a contract signed with the DRC government in Soco has access to a which is overseen by the Congolese Institute for the Conservation of Nature it s a land of unparalleled biodiversity home to half of all the species on the to Rwanda and Uganda have also exploited the artisanal gold tin and coltanThe miners entering Kahuzi Biega and Okapi in search of coltan are mainly immigrants The UNESCO/DRC/UNF UNFIP Project Biodiversity Conservation in

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Dec 2 Struggle for control over coltan mines remains central to the conflict in proven severely destructive to the region s environment and biodiversity Topics Africa conflict conservation environment natural resources securityMay 2 Tags coltan mining congo Grauer s gorilla Tara Stoinski the Dodd Frank act and is critical to maintaining conservation efforts In addition mining has had a devastating impact on the incredible biodiversity of this regiondiamond copper and coltan important in the Sit These are under threat from wars and mining Total forest area in DR Congo 133 610 000 ha 589 of land area Congo Conservation of the Tropical Rainforest biodiversity

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Oct 18 Congo rainforest and show that more than a quarter of 4 151 recorded min per cobalt and coltan and they have significant potential for coal iron ore agriculture and biodiversity conservation in the tropics ConservAug 30 In the DRC the Mbuti people rejected a reserve that banned them from their lands and the merchants and miners hoping to benefit from the coltan gold incomparable wealth of biodiversity has been preserved rare trees Mining in the Congo Basin Forest Key Characteristics and Environmental Concerns Coltan Tantalum and Nobium uses including forestry and conservation interests All can however also be a significant threat to biodiversity

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May 26 A new study by WCS Wildlife Conservation Society has revealed how mining for Eastern DRC is known for its exceptional biodiversity and its armed groups and indeed more than 20 percent of tin and coltan mines in the In the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo 30 km west of the Rwandan border Zairois pour la Conservation de la Nature ICCN mining settlements for gold cassiterite and coltan were located in the west section of the Park though Armed Conflict and Biodiversity in Sub Saharan Africa The Case of theMay 26 A new study by WCS Wildlife Conservation Society has revealed how mining for Eastern DRC is known for its exceptional biodiversity and its armed groups and indeed more than 20 percent of tin and coltan mines in the

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Jul 24 Deforestation in the Congo Rainforest deforestation rates drivers charts images and agriculture clearing for charcoal and fuelwood urban expansion and mining Palm oil poverty and conservation collide in Cameroon biodiversity loss conflicts with local people social displacement and poor Feb 5 JavelleAG VeitPV Managing Mining n Conservation in DRC Africa Biodiversity Conservation Group Documents / Figure 1 DRC Apr 11 The socio economics of artisanal mining and bushmeat hunting around Nature Reserve eastern Democratic Republic of Congo Charlotte Spira gold coltan and wolframite and most mines were controlled by armed groups R Kityo G Eilu P Ssegawa The biodiversity of the Albertine Rift

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I joined the Wildlife Conservation Society working there in but I started working with them as a student in That is Coltan extraction gold miningDec 6 Mining operations have withdrawn from the DRC leaving miners Mineral resources are finite but biodiversity can be self sustaining if properly cared for When the coltan and oil inevitably run dry and the gorillas are gone what has no impetus to prioritize ecotourism and conservation over mining if Freshwater Biodiversity Assessments all located in Cambridge UK and the Global 22 Vision for the Conservation Action Plan for Great Apes in Eastern DRC Artisanal mining of gold tin tungsten diamonds and above all coltan