demand of crushed iron ore

Is Peak Iron Ore Demand on the Horizon

Sep 20 Iron ore s slump this month is eroding the rally seen from June to August that was powered by buoyant demand in China as steelmakers Sep 6 To gauge the steel demand outlook in China it s important to keep an eye on the property sector This sector is critical to seaborne iron ore May 10 Global steel production is up and prices are buoyant While it s a good time for iron ore miners a peak in global demand may be on the horizon

Why China s Slowing Auto Demand Hurts Iron

Jul 5 Getting scrappy China iron ore demand may falter as steel recycling of rapid economic growth are knocked down dismantled or crushedMay 30 Consolidation in China s steel production may mean weaker iron ore prices but there may be a silver lining long termJun 29 China s automobile industry is the second largest steel consumer after the real estate sector Auto sales in China fell by 010 to 21 million